Trailblazer Success Program

Trailblazer Success Program

Erica Li
Coordinator of Academic Success and Diversity

3.0 Poster Fall 2017

3.0 Poster Spring 2017

3.0 Poster Fall 2016

Trailblazer Success Program (TSP) is a new program created to support the 3-2-1 vision of the MCLA athletics department. One main component of this vision is to assist all student-athletes in reaching and maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA.

First Years, Transfers, and New Student-Athletes:

During the first semester at MCLA these student-athletes are required to complete 4 hours of study hall a week and have meetings with the Coordinator of Academic Success & Diversity (CASD). After the first semester is completed they will be categorized by that semester’s GPA (see table below).


The previous semester’s GPA will dictate what column the student-athlete falls into.  

3.0-4.0  GPA 2.5-2.99  GPA 2.49 & below
Meet with CASD during first month           Meet with CASD  on a biweekly basis           Meet with CASD on a weekly basis          
No required Study Hall Study Hall required- 2 hours a week Study Hall required- 4 hours a week
No professor check-ins Professor check-ins Professor check-ins

Student-athletes have the option to have additional meetings or attend more study halls than their previous semester GPA requires.  Email Erica Li, CASD, at or drop by the office (CC 315B) to schedule meetings.

First Meetings & Meetings throughout the Semester:

Student-athletes must bring syllabi for all enrolled classes within the respective semester. Additionally, for both the first meeting and meetings throughout the semester the student-athlete must bring the schedule worksheet that is filled out for the upcoming week. For meetings throughout the semester, students must bring in graded assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. to determine academic progress. Meetings will run 15 minutes.

TSP Schedule:

Monday through Friday:  10 am to 4 pm: scheduled meetings on Canvas

Meetings are held in CASD office, which is located in the Campus Center (315B). If there is a pressing need, please send me an email or swing by my office at any time.

Study Hall- Located in Bowman 319

Monday: 1-3
Tuesday: 1-3
Wednesday: 9-11
Thursday: 9-11
Friday: 10-12 

Student-athletes with a previous semester GPA of 2.5-2.99 are required to attend 2 hours of study hall per week and student-athletes with a previous semester GPA of 2.49 and below are required to attend 4 hours per week. First semester freshmen, transfers, and new student-athletes are required to attend 4 hours per week. Students are also able to complete study hall hours outside of CASD office during regular work hours during the work week. If you know you are going to have trouble meeting the required hours for a certain week get in contact with CASD and arrangements will be made.

There are study hall alternatives. A student-athlete can only use alternatives to count as half of their required hours per week. Student-athletes must get a study hall alternative form signed and returned back to CASD by the Friday of that week. Also, a student-athlete is required to attend a full requirement of study hall hours biweekly. Please get in contact if there are conflicts with meeting the requirements.

  • Study hall alternatives include: meeting with a CSSE tutor, appointment at the Writing Studio, attending a professor or teacher assistant run review sessions, attending a SI (supplemental instruction) session, and visiting the Math Drop-In Help Center.  If you think anything else could be an alternative, you need to discuss this with CASD beforehand.